How Clover Works

surround yourself with things you love

We think value means great products priced well. We negotiate prices that aren’t available anywhere else, and we work hard to find things you love.

You need to know

  • Each collection is available for a limited time

How we're different:

We work with thousands of brands to offer fabulous items at a great value. Our partners hold inventory for us until our customers order. Working this way helps keep prices low — we pass the value to you.

we search far & wide for great deals
you find a favorite & order it
our partner sends it to us
(typically takes 8-12 days)
we ship it to you
(delivery time varies)

what's next

  • SIGN UP—because our prices are negotiated just for limited-time sales, membership is required to shop
  • SHARE your finds on social media—you’ll earn credit just like when you invite friends
  • LOVE your favorite brands—we’ll let you know when they’re available
  • JOIN as an affiliate get a personal 25% discount code and earn on every sale you refer to us. Refer new affiliates and earn 5% off their sales.

Find out what makes today special.