About Us

Our intent is to inspire, influence and connect real women in a real world who simply want to be themselves. We put fashion first and compromise nowhere. We provide perfect-fitting style while being comfortable.We cater to busy woman who want to look good but be comfortable at the same time.We want to turn heads and stop traffic. We want people to be confident about curves and believe that style shouldn’t come with a dress size. Be you. It’s real. Life is too short to blend in to the background. Be unapologetic, why should you apologize for being who you are? We want you to live life not let life pass you by. So be that ten out of ten that wear a size sixteen or a 3X. Be bold. Be the one who steps up, steps out and turn heads.No matter what size you are you can look beautiful!

We are a rapidly growing company that hopes to meet your shopping needs. We try to do our best to restock those hot ticket items that sell out in a matter of hours. Since we are a boutique, we sell many one of a kind items and our stock is limited. Our goal is to make sure you have those great pieces that you won’t see on everyone else and in the malls.

We have Fashionista's all over the USA and Canada who are ready to share the Clover Fashion Line with you.

We are located in Kent, Ohio 

Family owned and operated 

The Clover Clothing Company